Tibus auto station was founded in 1995 in agreement with the Municipality of Rome as an area used for the management of national and international bus services that arrive or transit through the city of Rome.
Among other things, it is also one of the first bus stations in Italy!
The main objective of the first bus station project, started mainly with private capital, was to solve the long- standing problem of the stationing of buses in Piazza della Repubblica.
Today Tibus is a very important hub for the city. Located by the railway station of Rome, the subway, urban bus station, Taxi and the frequent train for the Fiumicino International airport, makes it a strategic landmark for those who travel to and from the City of Rome.
Furthermore, it is the most important bus station in Italy per passenger volume: 3 million in 2002, 8 million currently. A number that will continue to grow thanks to the intermodal transportation of the hub and the increasingly cheaper fares of travelling by bus.
The auto station has over 70 employees to guarantee all the necessary services to passengers for every travel requirement such as:
  • Permanent surveillance by armed guards, high resolution digital video surveillance system that monitors the internal and surrounding areas.
  • Active control room operating 27/7 for the management of bus traffic.
  • SOS Emergency call boxes located in the main areas (including outside) of the station and connected to the control room that handles requests for help.
  • Three ticket booths which also act as information centers.
  • Tidiness of the station guaranteed every day with constant care of the stalls and surrounding areas provided by specialized personnel.
  • Special assistance to disabled people guaranteed through the activation of PRM booth.
  • Handicapped parking reserved for disabled and pregnant women.
  • Online information services for everyone (our website, Facebook page, real-time chat box, application for mobile devices).
  • Easy to read monitors with real-time indications of Arrivals and Departures.
  • Free WIFI service.And so much more!!